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A mixed day

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We had a bit of a mixed day yesterday. The good news is that we have now completed on the property and we have the keys!  This means we can now really get to work on sorting a few things and we’ve already made many a trip over with various items that we’ve purchased over the last few weeks, from kitchen utensils to decking furniture.  It’s great to be able to finally ‘get cracking’ as it were.

On a more frustrating note, we met with someone from Hammonds who was going to take some measurements and provide us with a quote for a custom fitted wardrobe in the second bedroom.  It was only a small job so I didn’t imagine he would need the two hours that was previously hinted at.  Well anyway, having failed to turn up for an appointment at the weekend, he agreed to meet us at 9.30am.  It was 10am before he showed up which was a minor irritation but no huge deal.  Anyway, roll on the clock and he was still with us come 2pm!  And his quote for this one wardrobe came to… [make sure you're sitting down!]… £3,400.  That was the ‘special’ price (ahem…) he could do for us having spoken to his boss and provided us with a 20% discount.  I hate to think what the figure would have been if we’d not been granted these special terms!  Anyway, that was that… a morning frustratingly wasted and with us no nearer to getting that bedroom’s furniture sorted.

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